For an optimal service it is advisable to have the instrument inspected by us first. We shall provide you with our fair assessment.

  • Cleaning the bod / cleaning the body and oiling it
  • Cleaning the bore / cleaning the bore and oiling it
  • Varnish repairs
  • Repair and cover cracks
  • Replacement of padding
  • Replacement of Key guard felt, key cork and key leather
  • Replace needle spring and flat spring
  • repair tone hole edge and chimney
  • Fix pillars
  • replace thread winding, tenon corks at jointing piece
  • To remove the play
  • To straighten, oil and regulate/adjust the mechanical function
  • any other fixing the intrument requires



When restoring historical instruments we strive to maintain the specifics of the instrument and to take into consideration the peculiarities of the time in which the instruments were made.

  • Key form
  • Key layout and fixations
  • Body form
  • Materials
  • Varnish



  • replace/repair broken joint tenons
  • Replace rotten wood
  • Repair cracks
  • Lining of the tone holes and the bore
  • repair tone hole edges
  • complete missing keys
  • replace defective bell rings
  • repair vanish and wood parts
  • cover cracks in the bocal
  • dent removal
  • readjust bent keys and body
  • Etc.



By adjusting the mechanics of the instruments to the hands of the musician we can help to make playing easier and more enjoyable for you.



Apart form the historical bassoons and the BASSETTO mini bassoon in G which are produced in our own workshop, we are also offering modern Bassoons produced by well-known brands. All models shown are available with us and can be tested and played at our premises. This is only possible by prior fixing an appointment.

PDF bassoons

PDF mini bassoon

PDF Replicas of historical bassoons